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Sample Performance Correction Policy

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Performance Correction

Employees are expected to conduct work-related matters in accordance with the law and the highest ethical standards.

Corrective action may result from not following company standards.  If the breach is considered serious, immediate discharge will occur.  Company ABC reserves the right to determine the severity and appropriateness of any corrective action based on the circumstances of any situation and also reserves the right to audit each situation on a case by case manner.

Company ABC has the sole discretion and right to determine if and when progressive discipline is warranted.  Company ABC always retains the right to terminate employment without warning, cause or notice.

Warnings for Violation of Major Company Rules

Violation of a major company rule will generally result in immediate termination.  These rules, although not all inclusive, are listed below.  All terminations need to be approved by a manager and the Vice President of Human Resources.  If the employee is not terminated, he/she is issued a final written warning.

Major Company Rules (do not consider this list all-inclusive)

·         Violating security and safety rules

·         Intentionally abusing, destroying or damaging Company or client equipment or property

·         Possessing firearms, weapons or explosives on Company premises or while conducting Company business

·         Falsifying Company records

·         Theft that impacts either Company ABC, clients, other employees, or organizations serving Company ABC

·         Disclosing proprietary or confidential information

·         Misusing or removing Company records or confidential or proprietary information without proper authorization

·         Withholding information from Company ABC concerning the theft of Company property or assets

·         Violating the “Harassment Free Workplace Policy”

·         Insubordination

·         Violating the “Drug Free Workplace Policy”

·         Failure to report anyone violating a major Company rule

Other Performance Issues

The intent of this process is to offer a system of improving performance or correcting policy violations.  This process will consider the following, and each case will be reviewed individually:

·         The circumstance and/or explanations given by the employee

·         The past work record and position of the employee

·         The policy violated

·         The severity of the violation

·         The frequency of the infraction

·         The action taken with other employees for similar violations under similar circumstances

Oral Conversation:

The immediate supervisor notifies the employee of the misconduct or substandard performance.  If the problem is corrected and not repeated for  following the conversation, no further action will be taken.

First Written Action:

The immediate supervisor documents performance issues that reoccur on a Performance Correction Form and identifies the steps necessary to correct the problem.

The employee, supervisor and manager all sign the form.  Employees can make written comments on the form.  The original of this form is forwarded to Human Resources and filed in the employee’s personnel file.  The employee and supervisor will both retain a copy.

Second Written Action:

If a performance issue is not addressed by a first written action, the supervisor will complete another Performance Correction Form.  The employee, supervisor, and manager will all sign the form.  Employees are permitted make written comments on the form.  The original of this form is forwarded to Human Resources and filed in the employee’s personnel file.  The employee and supervisor will both retain a copy.

If at this point the performance issue reoccurs after , the supervisor may do one of the following:

·         Suspend without pay

·         Terminate

·         Grant one day off with pay.  The purpose of the leave is to allow the employee to determine whether they wish to continue to work for Company ABC.  Supervisors can only use this option when they feel there is good potential for the employee to continue with Company ABC.  The supervisor will complete a final written Performance Correction Form indicating that the employee is being granted a decision making leave.  Upon returning to work, the employee will provide a written letter explaining why he/she would like to continue working and indicate the changes in behavior that the supervisor should expect.  This letter will be given to the supervisor when the employee returns to work.

Final Written Warning:

This is similar to a second written action, except that the employee and the supervisor understand that any further occurrences of issues or problems will result in the employee's termination.


Suspensions may be used when an employee is suspected of a serious violation that requires further investigation by management.  Examples include theft, falsifying company records, fighting with a co-worker and using abusive language with a customer, etc.  Employees will be suspended without pay for at least.  If the Company determines the employee committed no wrongdoing, the employee will be reinstated with back pay if applicable.

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