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Sample Performance Policy

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Policy Rationale

The performance management system allows supervisors and employees to discuss job requirements, performance results and performance planning.  The process promotes:

·         Communication between supervisors and employees.

·         Improved job understanding.

·         Effective job performance.

·         Employee development.

·         A basis for salary increases.


The performance management system applies to all employees.


Supervisors are responsible for the program within their departments.

Evaluation Time Periods

Supervisors evaluate employee performance every calendar year but supervisors can discuss performance issues with employees throughout the year. Employees shall receive a copy of their completed evaluations.

Annual Review

Job description reviews are done enter frequency (i.e. each year).  Reviews must include an assessment of the employee’s job performance, including strengths and areas requiring improvement.


Specific steps to improve job performance or development should be addressed in an interview with the employee.

Rating System

An overall rating of "fails to meet expectations" must be supported by documentation outlining specific examples and areas requiring improvement.


The department will maintain copies of performance evaluations for enter number years.


Employees who feel the performance review is not accurate, he/she may request a review by the supervisor and Manager.  The decisions that result from this review will be final and binding.

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