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Sample Personnel Records Policy

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Personnel Records


Employee personnel records are afforded all confidentiality possible under established law.  Every effort will be made to protect personnel records from individuals or organizations who do not have an official need to see them.


The CEO, Vice-Presidents, supervisors and administration may review personnel records.

Employee Review

Each employee has the right to review his or her own complete personnel file except for:

·         Confidential letters; or

·         Confidential medical information that was used to determine an employee's eligibility for enrollment in the group insurance program.

Employees who wish to view their personnel files will contact the Director of Human Resources to schedule an appointment to review his or her file.  The file will not be removed from Human Resources.  Copies of records in the file may be made for the employee.

Supervisor's Review

The CEO, Vice-Presidents, or supervisors can review the file of any employee under their supervision.

The CEO, Vice-Presidents, or supervisors can access anything in the file of any employee being considered for promotion or transfer to his or her department.  Exceptions: Race, sex, sexual orientation, color, religion, national origin, age, marital, or parental status.

Administrative Review

Officials from the CEO's Office, any Vice-President’s office, Legal Counsel, Finance, Accounting, Payroll and the Affirmative Action Office can access any personnel file if approved by the Vice-President of Human Resources.  Files may not be removed from Human Resources Department.


Information in personnel records can be released only under certain circumstances.  Any Human Resources employee who disseminates personnel information in an unauthorized manner is subject to disciplinary action including dismissal.

Employment Verification

Human Resources Department will verify that information a former employee has given another employer is either true or false.  The information may be given in writing or verbally.

If an employee or former employee authorizes ABC to give a business organization answers to specific questions on a standard form, Human Resources will supply the answers by mail.

Human Resources will not evaluate an employee's performance or effectiveness.  Such requests will be forwarded to the department in which the employee is (was) employed.

Compilation of Lists

Lists of employees shall not be provided to commercial organizations.

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