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Sample Position Classification Policy

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1.     POLICY

·         A position is reviewed when there is a significant change to it or when a new position is created.

·         The Classification/Reclassification process is initiated when a request has been submitted by the:

·         Employee

·         Manager

2.     PURPOSE

·         To ensure consistent pay for similar positions.

·         To classify the work assigned to each position.

·         To ensure job descriptions reflect true work assignments.

·         To ensure positions are correctly classified prior to recruitment.


·         Manager

·         Notifies Human Resources that a review is required for a position.

·         Provides the most recent job description to Human Resources.

·         Director of Human Resources

·         Receives the request for a classification review.

·         Assigns the request to a Human Resources Officer.

·         Discusses the preliminary results with the office and approves the classification decision.

·         Notifies the manager of the results of the classification review through the officer.

·         Human Resources Officer

·         Receives the classification review from the Director

·         Reviews the job description given to Human Resources by the manager or reviews the job description for the new position.

·         Meets with the manager and the incumbent (where applicable) and performs a job audit.

·         Applies the job evaluation tool to the position.

·         Determines the preliminary classification and pay grade.

·         Reviews this decision with the manager.

·         Meets with the Director and brings forward any concerns the manager has raised.  Notifies manager of any changes that result from the meeting with the Director.

·         Initiates the necessary documentation for the Director to sign.

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