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Sample Production Assistant Job Description

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Production Assistant


Production Assistant


Benjamin Doe


Drug Production Unit


Company ABC


City ABC


June 28, 2013


Approval Signatures: 


Incumbent                           Deputy General Manager


The Production Assistant is responsible for receiving raw materials, issuing raw materials to the production unit and dispatching finished products to PMS. The Production Assistant is also responsible for maintaining records and tracking movements in and out of the store.


Total ABC Staff:             52

Total Budget                  13,632,993,292

Total Revenues              13,937,536,891


The Production Assistant reports to the Head of Procurement and receives written direction and instructions. The Production Assistant also receives written direction from the Pharmacy Technician.

There are no subordinates reporting to The Production Assistant.

The Production Assistant provides direction and guidance to the following positions:

  • Pharmacy Orderlies: Responsibilities include cleaning, packing and participating in the production process. The Production Assistant provides Pharmacy Orderlies with guidance in the areas of materials storage and raw material usage.
  • Dispatch Officers:  The Production Assistant provides Dispatch Officers with Information about the products being dispatched to PMS.

There are other positions throughout Company ABC that provide direction or guidance to the Production Assistant:

  • Accountant (Purchases): Provide record keeping information in order to extract accounting information.


Freedom to Act:

This work of this position originates from the PMS and PU. Completed work is sent to the PMS, PU and the Accounts Department by the Head of PU, Pharmacy Technician, Receiving Officer (PMS) and Accounts.

This position has the following procedures or manuals made available to the incumbent:

  • Procedures:
    • Receiving of goods -  Standard Operating Procedures
  • Manuals:
    • Dispatch of finished goods


The position encounters frequent problems related to:

  • Correcting packaging faults on finished goods e.g. wrong labels, leaking packaging containers
  • Not completing records required by accounts due to interruptions

The most difficult problems this position encounters include:

  • Dispatch of finished products from the unit, which involves checking and correcting packaging
  • Cross checking weights of incoming raw materials, and verifying quantities of consumables

This position has access to a supervisor in order to resolve the following problem(s):

  • Receipt of wrong batch numbers

This position has access to other employees in order to resolve the following problem(s):

  • Pharmacy orderlies - When receiving large consignments into the store


This position has contact with the following individuals, departments and/or external contacts on the following basis:

  • Receiving Officer (PMS): to receive raw materials and dispatching finished goods, on a daily basis
  • Accountant: to provide notes containing prices, twice per week
  • Administrative Officer: to place orders for stationary and obtain files for incoming goods, twice per week


  • Responsible for receiving all raw materials for the Production Unit from the PMS:
    • Physically moves raw materials to PU store
    • Checks labels, weighs and measures received materials
    • Records batch numbers and expiry dates
  • Responsible for storage condition of goods received in he PU store:
    • Moves items to their respective locations in the store using a forklift
    • Dusts, cleans and disinfects store
    • Covers packages and materials to prevent dust from settling on them
  • Responsible for monitoring the stock levels in PU store:
    • Informs the production pharmacist when stocks have reached the re-order level
    • Issues and records of raw materials required for production
  • Responsible for all store records:
    • Records information on the Goods Received Note
    • Records movements of materials and finished products in and out of the store
    • Invoices PMS on finished goods dispatched to the PMS
    • Participates in stock taking
  • Responsible for the dispatch process of goods from PU store to PMS:
    • Physically checks the packaging of finished goods, (i.e. labels, condition of packaging material used)
    • Physically moves finished goods to the PMS

Provide reports to the following individuals, departments and/or external contacts on the following basis:

Store activity report to Head of PU to portray store activities, problems and needs on a quarterly basis


The position requires the incumbent to offload supplies that total approximately 3 tonnes per month and to load finished products that total approximately 500 kg per week.


Relevant experience and training and internal promotion

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