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Sample Reductions In Force Policy

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These policies are applicable when reducing staff is required and not when an employee is terminated but the position remains.

Before reducing the number of regular employees, departments will review their current use of provisional and temporary employees.  Workloads should always be rearranged to ensure regular employees are retained.  Staffing decisions and choosing the type of position eliminated are the responsibility of the supervisor. Layoff of a permanent employee must be reviewed by Human Resources before the employee is notified.

Reductions-In-Force can occur due to reorganization, lack of work, or lack of funds.  Supervisors will determine which positions are to be eliminated.  Any reduction-in-force decisions must be reviewed by Human Resources before notice is given.  Layoff off decisions will be based on job performance and length of service. Layoffs that result from a reduction-in-force may be appealed.  Laid off employees are re-employed within  months of layoff shall be considered to have continuous service.

Factors To Consider

Layoff decisions are based on job performance and length of service.  Decisions are made by the supervisor and must be reviewed by Human Resources before notice is given to the employee:

·         Job Performance: Judged by the immediate supervisor.  Performance appraisals are used to evaluate performance.  An employee's past performance, skills, and abilities must be reviewed and compared to the duties and responsibilities that remain to be performed.

·         Length of Service: Based on total regular continuous service.

Before Reductions-In-Force, the supervisor must provide Human Resources with the names, titles, factors used to determine who is be laid off, and layoff date(s).

Human Resources identifies all provisional and temporary employees within the same department where the layoff(s) is/are to occur.  The supervisor will then determine if the employee scheduled for layoff can be assigned to another position.  Special consideration for reassignment is to be given to employees with  or more years of continuous service.

Laid off employees must be notified in writing by letter signed by the supervisor from Human Resources.  The letter will also outline the Appeal Procedure.  Employees should be personally informed of their layoff by the supervisor whenever possible.  The supervisor shall either:

·         Give the lay off notice to the employee in person, have the employee sign the notice, and send a copy of the signed letter to Human Resources; or

·         The supervisor shall send the layoff notice by certified mail and send a copy to Human Resources.

Supervisors must provide employees with as much advance notice of the layoff as possible, but in no case less than  weeks.



·         The supervisor will consider job performance, seniority and the duties and responsibilities that will remain and present these plans to Human Resources for review.

·         The supervisor will identify employees who are in their provisional period and transfer qualified regular employees targeted for layoff to these positions.  Displaced provisional employees will be considered for employment after regular employees.

·         Regular employees have the choice to fill any vacant temporary positions for which they are qualified.  These employees will continue to be considered for regular positions under the terms of ABC’s re-employment procedures.

·         If other employment is not available, the supervisor will notify Human Resources of the impending layoff.  The department must submit an Employment and Staff Changes Form to Human Resources.

·         Departments must pay an employee for all unused annual and/or compensatory leave on their final pay.  Supervisors can require the use of accrued leave before the layoff date.

Human Resources

·         Human Resources will review all positions filled by provisional and temporary employees to determine if employees slated for layoff can fill the positions.  Employees slated for layoff are placed on the re-employment list.

·         Human Resources will write a letter to the employee regarding leaves of absence, employee benefits, unemployment benefits and employment services provided by Human Resources.

·         At the employee's request, Human Resources will place a regular employee on a leave of absence without pay for one year for the purpose of continuing the group life and health benefit plans.  During this leave of absence, the employee can maintain his/her participation in the plans by paying the full cost of the benefits while on leave of absence or until he or she accepts other employment.  A leave of absence will not exceed one year.

·         Human Resources will refer employees scheduled for layoff or already laid off to any positions they are qualified for based on job performance, required skills and abilities and seniority.  External applicants cannot be considered unless the referred employees are not accepted for valid job-related reasons.

·         Employees hired from the re-employment list will serve a 60-day probationary period in the new position.  During probation, the supervisor must evaluate the employee’s performance after 30 days. The employee will be informed of any performance issues that are identified.

·         Before probation has ended, a second appraisal is conducted.  If the employee’s performance is satisfactory, the employee will become a regular placement.  If the employee's performance is unsatisfactory, or if the employee does not want the position, he/she will be reinstated to the re-employment list.  Reinstated employees will be reinstated with their original layoff date.

·         The Director of Human Resources will review and make decisions on exceptional circumstances related to failure to complete probation, past job performance and seniority/service.

·         Human Resources will help laid off employees seek alternate employment outside ABC.

·         Human Resources will respond to policy questions and monitor the reduction and re-employment procedures.


·         Employees with the minimum qualifications are expected to accept offered employment at the same pay rate.  Employees who re-employment forfeit their re-employment rights, resulting in the termination of the leave of absence.  ABC will have fulfilled its employment commitment to any individual who declines an offer.

·         A laid off employee who finds employment outside ABC will remain on the re-employment list for 12 months from the date of layoff.

·         Employees are responsible for providing Human Resources with a current address and telephone number during re-employment process.

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