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Sample Relocation Pay Policy

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Relocation Pay


In some situations, new employees may request reimbursement for expenses incurred to relocate their families and personal effects. To qualify for reimbursement, mileage must exceed  miles. The supervisor will negotiate reimbursement for expenses incurred for moving from a foreign country.


The relocation allowance will be calculated by Accounting.  Individual supervisors may adjust the relocation allowance for budgetary reasons or other mitigating circumstances.

If an employee receives a relocation allowance and voluntarily terminates within twelve months from the date of the move, the employee will refund to ABC the full amount of the reimbursement.  Prior to receiving a reimbursement, the recipient will submit a signed letter to Accounting accepting this condition.


All relocation allowances are subject to the following guidelines:

·         The maximum weight allowance is  pounds of belongings for one or two people.  Each additional member of the immediate family is allowed  pounds.  To determine the amount of the allowance, the weight is multiplied by the prevailing mileage tariff.

·         The fuel allowance is the actual amount of fuel documented on the mover's invoice.

·         The insurance and packing allowance is  for one or two persons, plus  for each additional member of the immediate family.

·         The personal vehicle expense allowance is the actual mileage for one vehicle between ABC and the point of origin multiplied by the prevailing mileage rate.

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