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Sample Return To Work After Disability Policy

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Return to Work After Disability

Policy Rationale

To provide assistance employees who intend to return to work following a disability.  Return-to-work programs are designed for those situations where the employee is unable to perform the duties of his/her own position as a result of the disability.


All employees who are covered either by Workers' Compensation and/or the Long Term Disability Plan (LTD) are eligible.


After Human Resources receives a medical release indicating that the employee is able to return to work in a modified capacity, his/her department will be notified of the employee’s availability for work.  The Return-To-Work Coordinator will assist the employee with their modified job search and duty to accommodate priority for appropriate positions will be given to the employee.  Modified duties can be defined as either:

·         Modification of duties in the employee’s OWN occupation in his/her original department.

·         A new position in his/her original department.

·         A new position in a new department.

If the Return-To-Work Coordinator locates a suitable position, the department can decide not to hire the employee.  The department is required to submit written justification to Human Resources of its decision not to hire the employee.  Justification must clearly indicate why the employee does not meet the minimal qualifications of the job.


An employee in "Return To Work After Disability" status is entitled to the continuation of benefits as established in the “Leaves of Absence Without Pay” policy.

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