Free Sample Senior Compensation And Benefits Consultant Job Description
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Sample Senior Compensation And Benefits Consultant Job Description

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Human Resources Division

Company ABC

Job Description


POSITION:                 Senior Compensation             INCUMBENT:

                                    & Benefits Consultant

DIVISION:                   Human Resources                 ORGANIZATION:       Company ABC

LOCATION:                City ABC                                 DATE:                         Month ABC/01            


Approval Signatures:


Incumbent                                                                   Director



The Compensation & Benefits Consultant administers the compensation and benefit plans.

JOB MAGNITUDE (Annualized):

            Total Company ABC Staff:                             1,000

            Total Budget                                                    $60M


This position is one of 12 positions reporting to the Director of Recruitment & Compensation.

The other 9 are Senior Recruiters (3), Systems and Research Analyst (1), Human Resources Assistants (2), and Secretaries (3).

There are no subordinates reporting to these positions.


The environment changes often due to frequent re-structuring, resulting in a high volume of employee transfers.  The lack of a Human Resource Information System hinders effective employee tracking and enrollment in the appropriate benefit plans.

The centralized Compensation & Benefit function administers the benefit plans for all employees.  Re-structuring makes it necessary to regularly evaluate existing processes and implement improvements that better meet the needs of the organization.

Government legislation also changes on a regular basis.  The Consultant must remain current with these changes and implement and required amendments. 

Major Functions:

Responsible for the administration of the organization’s compensation and benefit plans.

Assesses processes, policies and systems, recommends improvements to programs, services and processes, and implements those recommendations.

Develops, compares and standardizes all benefits, followed by an annual review process.

Develops the Company ABC compensation strategy.  Includes reviewing positions, analyzing salaries, approving performance-based movement within ranges and developing the appeal mechanism and communication process.

Conducts external market surveys.  Surveys involve contacting other employers to determine similar jobs and salary rates.  The Consultant profiles the jobs and compiles, analyzes and compares data to determine the appropriate salary rates.

Develops and administers the early retirement incentive program, providing assistance to employees through retirement seminars and retirement counseling.

Acts as a resource for compensation and benefits issues for all staff.

Provides information to managers with respect to current legislation.  The incumbent is responsible for maintaining a full understanding of all current legislative acts that pertain to benefits and compensation.

Contacts outside organizations on a regular basis.

Manages difficult situations requiring tack and professionalism in the following areas:

·         Death claims

·         Leaves of absence

·         Layoff, termination or retirement.

Provides information to staff via verbal and written communication campaigns, orientation sessions and group retirement seminars.

Establishes systems and procedures for tracking long-term disability claims.

Develops policies and procedures for the administration of benefits and compensation.

Conducts an on-going re-engineering process that identifies and analyzes problem areas.  Makes and implements recommendations.  Monitors and analyzes the implementation.

Strategies and programs that impact the organization significantly are developed under extreme time pressures.  A lack of insight into problems resulting from inaccurate benefit administration causes costly errors for employees and the organization.  The net impact is a negative impression of the employer and possible legal challenges to the organization resulting in costly litigation.  During the re-engineering process contact is made with all stakeholders to analyze current systems and determine more effective ways to do business.

Manages return to work programs and the vocational rehabilitative employment process.  Effective management of this process is vital because of the expense incurred by ABC when employees access the disability income plan.  The cost-saving success of the program depends heavily on establishing a timely return to work plan for employees.  The consultant negotiates cooperation between all parties involved including the employee, family physician, specialists, therapists and manager.  If an employee is unable to return to his position, the Consultant will try to find an available position for which the employee is physically and/or mentally capable of performing.  The Consultant maintains all historical and statistical data related to all claims.

Develops the overall management compensation strategy.


·         Develops and administers the organization’s compensation and benefit plans.

·         Regularly analyzes current systems, makes recommendations and implements and administers recommendations.

·         Conducts market surveys to determine competitive salary rates.

·         Develops job profiles for comparison with other organizations.

·         Counsels managers and staff on benefit-related issues.

·         Provides information to all staff on the available benefit plans and appropriate processes.

·         Administers timely return to work programs for disabled employees.

·         Administers vocational rehabilitation re-employment for disabled employees.

·         Tracks long-term disability claims and reports monthly on case status and costs.

·         Develops and updates compensation and benefits policies and procedures


The position requires minimal physical effort and is not subject to occupational health and safety risks.

The position requires considerable concentration and creativity.  Work is varied and covers a large staff numbers.  High stress results from changes in structure and culture with little precedence.  High work volumes, deadlines and interruptions are all constant and common.  Difficult and delicate situations occur regularly and workload and job stress cannot prevent the Consultant from handling these situations with tact and professionalism.


·         A University degree in Human Resources Management and/or several years of Human Resources experience.

·         A sound knowledge of labor laws, benefits administration and compensation.

·         Excellent interpersonal, communication, public relations, and decision-making skills.

·         An ability to tactfully deal with all levels of staff and external contacts.

·         Experience in a computerized office environment.

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