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Sample Senior Dispatch Officer Job Description

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Senior Dispatch Officer


Senior Dispatch Officer


Christine Doe


Pharmacy Main Store (PMS)


Company ABC


City ABC


June 28, 2013

Approval Signatures: 


Incumbent                           Deputy General Manager


This position is responsible for the efficient and timely management of dispatching customer orders.

This position is required to ensure that the medicine cabinet stocks are properly managed, picked orders are identified and crosschecked with a stores assistant before dispatch, keeping stock of medicines in the medicine cabinet, including dispensing of medicines to staff, and giving guidance to customers regard the goods returned process.


Total ABC Staff:             52

Total Budget                  13,632,993,292

Total Revenues              13,937,536,891


The Senior Dispatch Officer reports to the Head of Pharmacy Main Store (PMS) and receives verbal and occasionally written direction and instructions.

There are no subordinates reporting to this position.

The Senior Dispatch Officer provides direction and guidance to the following positions:

  • Stores Assistants: Helps the Stores Assistants package medicines properly when packing customer consignments and helps the Assistants avoid inaccurate picking
  • Pharmacy Interns: Helps Pharmacy Interns with checking and dispatching procedures.

There are other positions throughout Company ABC that provide direction or guidance to the Senior Dispatch Officer:

  • Sales Officer: The Sales Officer helps the Senior Dispatch Officer know the availability and location of items ordered by customers. Advises which customers come first in accordance with the Company ABC “first come first served” policy
  • Store Logistics Officer: The Store Logistics Officer helps the Senior Dispatch Officer know the availability and location of items ordered. Advises what medicines to sell given their short expiry dates
  • Receiving Officer:  The Receiving Officer helps the Senior Dispatch Officer know the availability and location of items ordered by customers.
  • Head of Dept PMS: Helps the Dispatch Officer with procedures like customer complaints and returned good process.
  • Procurement Officer: The Procurement Officer provides information about stock availability.
  • Deputy General Manager/Personnel: Helps the Dispatch Officer with procedures like the returned goods process.
  • Head of Finance and Accounts: Advises which customers can purchases items on credit.


Freedom to Act:

This work of this position originates from the following departments:

  • PMS: Picking lists
  • Production Unit (PU): picking checking and dispatch of raw materials
  • Technical Services Department: Dispatch of equipment on their behalf

Completed work is sent to Accounts and the Head of the Department and is reviewed and approved by the Head of the Department and the Stores Logistics Officer.

This position has the following procedures or manuals made available to the incumbent:

  • Procedures:
    • Goods returned
    • Customer complaints
    • Dispatch procedures
  • Manuals:
    • Catalogues
    • Drug Information Bulletins


The position encounters frequent problems related to:

  • Lifting heavy items when verifying without store assistants during the busy days
  • Serving customers who have little or no knowledge about items needed
  • Customers who come late and have to be served beyond working hours
  • Gods returned process
  • Customers who are very particular

The most difficult problems this position encounters include:

  • Goods returned process
  • Very impatient customers
  • Frequent work overload
  • Customers who seek special attention

This position has access to a supervisor in order to resolve the following problem(s):

  • Expired medicines or those nearing expire
  • Improper entries of consignment
  • Breakages of items
  • Export orders on completion of checking (in case of problems with varying batches)
  • Problems arising from customer orders (Essential Drug Programme)
  • Goods returned by customers

This position has access to other employees in order to resolve the following problem(s):

  • Senior Pharmacist /Personnel/Deputy General Manager
  • Communications and Information Officer - Where there is insufficient information on a new medicine
  • Head of technical services department
  • Head of Procurement


has contact with the following individuals, departments and/or external contacts on the following basis:

  • Procurement: to receive feedback with respect to customer comments and the medicines they purchase, on a daily basis


  • Welcomes customers:
    • Greets customers with a smile and makes them feel comfortable
  • Ensures customer orders are delivered in an efficient and timely manner:
    • Organises the working area (dispatch area) regularly and clears boxes
    • Identifies picked orders and notes them for quick reference for customers
    • Picks ordered items from the store and delivers them to the picking area
    • Checks orders of all customers; walk-ins and export and drug pool program
    • Verifies and dispatches cleared orders

Special Orders:

    • Picks and assists the stores assistant with special order medicines
    • With the assistance of the stores assistant, checks and verifies picked items
    • Liaises with the Accounts department regarding client credit account and invoicing
    • With the assistance of a stores assistant, packs and seals consignments
    • Through the receptionist/secretary calls clients about the status of the order
  • Responsible for goods in the holding store:
    • Calls clients whose goods are in the holding store for pick up
  • Manages internal and external customer complaints:
    • Receives, listens, investigates and takes corrective action or advise
  • Ensures documents are properly filed:
    • Files paperwork
  • Provides customers with information through discussions, bulletins or catalogues:
    • Informs customers about payment processes provides general physical directions
    • Counsels patients about prescribed medicines
  • Dispenses/issues drugs to ill Company ABC staff, family and customers:
    • Diagnoses and interprets prescriptions
  • Ensures all Dispatch officers perform their duties:
    • Supervises dispatch officers
    • Closely monitors staff to ensure all sales orders are attended to
  • Ensures that medicine cabinet stock(s) are properly managed:
    • Picks medicines from the main store to replenish supplies in the medicine cabinet
    • Reports movement of medicines in the medicine cabinet to the Stores Logistics Officer
  • Ensures goods returned by customers are subjected to the proper procedures(s):
    • Documents returned goods, obtains the appropriate endorsement from relevant officials (supervisor, Head of PMS, Senior Pharmacist/Deputy General Manager) and finally to the Accounts department

Provide reports to the following individuals, departments and/or external contacts on the following basis:

First aid medicines report to SLO to show movements in and out of the medicine cabinet, on a monthly basis

Holding Store Contents to SLO to show what picked items are outstanding, twice per week


  • Bending walking and lifting a cumulative weight of 1 tonne constantly during every 8-hour work day
  • Daily exposure to forklift fumes and acid every 8-hour work day
  • Daily exposure to production unit fumes that cause drowsiness (1-8 hours)
  • Daily metal stress caused by work overload where 3 people perform a job that would have been done by 5 people every 8-hour work day
  • Daily mental stress caused by impatient customers who make big orders and demand quick turnaround
  • Daily mental stress caused by interruptions from customer complaints every 8-hour work day


Diploma in the relevant field or equivalent

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