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Sample Senior Recruiter Job Description

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Human Resources

Company ABC

Job Description

POSITION:                 Senior Recruiter                      INCUMBENT:

DIVISION:                   Human Resources                 ORGANIZATION:       Company ABC

LOCATION:                Saskatoon                               DATE:                         Month ABC/01            

Approval Signatures:


Incumbent                                                                   Director


The Senior Recruiter assists supervisors and employees with recruitment and classification services and issues.

JOB MAGNITUDE (Annualized):

            Total Company ABC Staff:                             1,000

            Total Budget                                                    $60M


This position is one of 12 positions reporting to the Director of Recruitment & Compensation.

The other 9 are Senior Compensation & Benefits Consultants (3), Systems and Research Analyst (1), Human Resources Assistants (2), and Secretaries (3).

There are no subordinates reporting to these positions.


Each union has a difference classification system and process.  The Senior Recruiter works within multiple and varied classification systems.

The Senior Recruiter maintains a sound knowledge of enter number different collective bargaining agreements, relevant classification and pay structures and must know ABC’s policies and procedures, all relevant legislation and the Human Rights Code.

Major Functions:

The Senior Recruiter is the resource person for the recruitment and classification process.

Job classification requests are reviewed with managers, unions and the employee.  During the process, jobs are analyzed and evaluated and job titles and wages negotiated with the unions.         

For posted/advertised vacant positions, the Senior Recruiter ensures the manager provides a job description.  The Recruiter writes the posting/advertisement from the job description.

The Senior Recruiter pre-screens all applications for all vacancies, helps managers to develop interviews, conducts interviews and performs reference checks when required.

Establishes salary, prepares all documents required for appointments or transfers, issues regret letters and responds to union/employee inquiries.

Facilitates downsizing by identifying positions to be eliminates, confirming seniority, participating in restructuring, and issuing layoff notices.  The process begins with the Senior Recruiter coordinating the issuance of layoff notices with the manager.

The Senior Recruiter initiates and conducts layoff options meetings, prepares and distributes displacement notices, provides all relevant job information, identifies temporary placements, and maintains recall/reemployment lists.

The Senior Recruiter interviews candidates, determines the nature of their requests and handles the request.  Examples include assistance and information regarding employment opportunities, recruitment and retention strategies, continuing education, salary information, etc.

Attends job fairs and other functions concerning ABC’s recruitment requirements.

Develops recruitment strategies, policies and procedures with the Director. 

Accommodates, where possible, numerous calls and requests from both prospective candidates and various organizations seeking work placements/employment.

Functions as a resource specialist for Training and Development by developing and presenting recruitment and selection seminars.

Major Challenges:

A major challenge to this position is providing consistent services due to a lack of a centralized payroll system and HRIS.

Seniority is very difficult to maintain because the payroll system is unable to correctly calculate it as described in each union contract.  Therefore, a significant amount of paperwork is required to administer transfers and a greater likelihood for human error exists.

ABC lacks an appropriate job evaluation evaluation system.  As a result, there is no consistent way to determine appropriate pay grades and implement a system that: reflect the relative worth of jobs in the industry.  The lack of an evaluation system hinders ABC’s ability to attract and retain high-quality employees.

ABC has witnessed tremendous growth in staff and major changes to its structure with no corresponding increase in HR staff.  ABC and the resulting HR issues have become more complex, far-reaching, and take require additional resources and time to resolve.

The Senior Recruiter must develop and maintain excellent relations with all staff in a variety of issues. The Senior Recruiter often provides recruitment and classification counseling and contract interpretation and must handle each request with tact. For example, a manager may challenge the need to follow proper posting procedures.  The Recruiter must tactfully explain the appropriate process to arrive at an acceptable resolution.

There is no way to control or schedule work volumes. Postings, interviews, telephone calls and walk-ins cannot be controlled or predicted.



·         Ensures suitable candidates are available and placed in all positions within ABC using a consistent recruitment and selection process.

·         Prepares and implements downsizing, ensures seniority lists are accurate, and ensures all employees are treated fairly during layoffs.

·         Ensures laid-off employees are placed in positions under the terms and conditions of the applicable union contracts.

·         Analyzes and evaluates jobs and negotiates wage rates with the union.

·         Consults on job restructuring, recruitment, retention, qualifications and other job-related issues managers face.

·         Writes job descriptions.

·         Ensure that all supervisors consistently and equitably administer the union contracts.

·         Compiles and provides recruitment and classification statistics to senior management.

·         Conducts recruitment training seminars for managers.


There is little or no physical exertion and generally involves an office environment.  Some daily walking about the facility is involved.  Some travel to various locations throughout the city.

There is only minor risk of exposure to disease or illness.

Requires significant concentration and the ability to pay attention to detail.

The work is somewhat varied with intense pressure for lengthy periods of time associated with unrealistic deadlines.  High work volumes and the inability to control workflow make planning very difficult and contribute to high stress levels. Additionally, confrontations with managers, employees and union representatives are a significant source of stress.


·         A University degree Human Resources Management and several years experience in personnel.

·         A sound knowledge of the principles of recruitment and classification.

·         A working knowledge of labour legislation, union contracts and policies and procedures.

·         Sound interviewing skills and techniques.

·         Superior interpersonal, communication and decision-making skills.

·         Ability to deal tactfully with staff, job candidates and union representatives.

·         Experience with computers and MS Office

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