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Sample Severe Weather Policy

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Severe Weather Guidelines


The CEO will determine if employees are not required to report to work due to severe weather conditions.  If the CEO determines that weather conditions are such that employees are not required to report to work, this fact will be announced on the ABC website and the ABC information line (555-1234).  When the condition of the weather is such that certain roads are impassable or extremely dangerous, employees must use their judgment as to reporting for work.

Employees may determine whether it is possible to report to work due to hazardous conditions in their areas, even if ABC is open.  All employees should contact their supervisor regarding any delay in reporting to work because of severe weather conditions.

The following guidelines will be used in the event that ABC is closed, or closed early as a result of extreme weather conditions.

·         All scheduled employees shall be granted administrative leave with pay for the time ABC has been officially closed by CEO.

·         Employees required to work shall be paid at a regular, straight-time rate for the hours worked up to 40 hours in a workweek and shall, in addition, be credited with straight-time compensatory leave credits or paid at straight-time for an equal amount of time. The supervisor will decide whether the employee receives additional compensation or compensatory time off.

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