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Sample Sick Leave Policy

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Sick Leave


All employees are eligible.

Accrual Rates

Sick time accruals are based on the number of hours an employee is paid during a , excluding overtime.  The maximum number of paid hours for which to base the accruals is enter number of hours here.

Each department is responsible for ensuring each employee’s sick leave accrual and sick leave record is correct. The total hours paid during one , multiplied by the sick-leave accrual rate of enter accrual rate here per hour determines the sick-leave hours accrued in the period.

After  consecutive  days on paid leaves of absence, sick leave stops accruing on the  day of the leave.

Maximum Accrual

Employees can accrue up to enter amount here hours (enter amount here working days) of sick leave.

Effective Date

Sick leave accrual begins upon date of hire.

Sick leave cannot be used before it is earned.


For scheduled dental and medical appointments, employees should submit a written leave request to their supervisor as far in advance as possible.

For sick leave taken for illness and medical emergency, a written leave request is not required.  Employees should notify their supervisors that they are absent because of an emergency as soon as possible.

Sick leave is also used to supplement short-term disability.

The payroll system is the official sick-leave record for employees. To correct an employee's sick leave balance, the department must make an adjustment on the Weekly Payroll Information Submission Form.


Employees transferring between departments retain their accumulated sick time.  New departments assume the financial responsibility required to cover the transferred sick time.


Upon termination of employment, sick leave cannot be taken after the last day worked.

Employees retiring at age 55 or older with 10 years of service should refer to Sick Leave Separation Pay.

No-Fault Insurance

Employees involved in any accident for which they receive compensation from an insurance company for loss of wages may use this compensation to repurchase their sick leave.

Sick Leave Use

Sick leave is available for the following:

·         Illness or medical emergencies that prevent the employee from reporting to work.

·         Planned, routine medical or dental appointments.

Abusing sick leave may be cause for disciplinary action, such as the requirement of a physician's certification as verification of an employee's illness before sick leave is paid.  Continued sick leave abuse will result in further disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

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