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Sample Sick Leave Policy

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Sick Leave


Employees accrue  sick leave days per year.  Sick leave is credited on a pro rata basis each pay period based on paid hours.

For part time employees, sick leave is accrued on a pro-rated basis each pay period based on paid hours.

There shall be no maximum amount of sick leave an employee may accrue.


Employees must submit a request to use sick leave on a Leave of Absence Form.  This request form cannot be completed and submitted any later than the first day following a return from sick leave.  A physician's statement can be requested at the discretion of the supervisor at any point during sick leave.  The statement should provide information about the employee's condition, examination date(s), and anticipated return to work date.

Sick leave shall be authorized for use only after it is earned.

Sick leave may be granted:

·         For employee illness or injury or appointments with a licensed medical practitioner.  Sick leave shall include disability caused by or attributed to pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, childbirth, and recovery; or

·         Due to the illness of a member of the immediate family (see definition of immediate family).

A department may require the employee to state in writing that use of sick leave was for reasons listed above.

If employees use  sick leave days in the preceding  months, supervisors have the authority, at their discretion, to require a medical statement of illness before authorizing additional sick leave.

If employees become ill on an approved leave with pay, employees can use sick leave during the period of illness.

Employees will be paid up to  days of unused sick leave upon retirement or death.  In the event of death, payment shall be made to the beneficiary or estate or as otherwise provided by law.

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