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Sample Smoking Policy

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Employer ABC prohibits the smoking of cigars, cigarettes or pipes in  facilities and ABC-owned vehicles except in special circumstances defined herein.

Policy Rationale

ABC is concerned for the health of ABC employees and clients and will comply with all local and state laws.


The ventilated area must be exhausted to the outdoors and sufficient intake air must be provided to maintain a negative pressure. Intake air may be provided by a dedicated system or a central supply air system to ensure the ventilation system delivers 60 cubic feet per minute of outdoor air per person in the area.

Special Circumstances

Local and state laws take precedence if there is a conflict with this policy. Policy exceptions include:

·         An appropriately ventilated enclosed indoor area regularly occupied by one person and not frequented by clients.

·         A ventilated enclosed smoking area designated by ABC.

·         A ventilated enclosed indoor work area not frequented by clients.

·         ABC owned vehicles occupied exclusively by smokers.



·         Understand and abide by the policy.

Occupational Health and Safety

·         Communicate the policy to employees.

·         Determine if ventilation systems comply with the term “sufficient ventilation”.

·         Prominently post "Smoking" and "No Smoking" signs.

·         Investigate and resolve non-compliance issues.

·         Refer unresolved issues to HR for final resolution.


·         Provide employees with a copy of the policy upon date of hire and/or request.

·         Include the policy in appropriate handbooks.

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