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Sample Staff Development Policy

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Staff Development


Employer ABC encourages the development of employees.  Staff development programs shall be provided pending the availability of funds each year.  These programs are coordinated Human Resources.


The purpose of the program is to provide employees with additional skills, knowledge and abilities necessary to accommodate changing policies, technologies, equipment or assignments.  The program also helps to meet ABC’s future staffing requirements through the development of employees.



ABC provides development programs that enable employees to improve job performance above an acceptable level, prepare employees for increasing responsibilities, and provide employees with an opportunity to develop.  These programs are provided at no cost to employees. 


Additional development programs are available to certain employees for technical, mechanical, clerical or administrative skills.  These programs are provided at no cost to the employee.

Educational Incentive

The Educational Incentive helps employees improve their job skills and/or prepare them for other ABC jobs.

ABC reimburses tuition, books and required expenses of employees who continue their formal education.  This incentive encompasses all job-related classes completed by employees that meet the following:

·         Must be on employees’ own time.  Departments have the authority to schedule flexible work hours to accommodate class schedule.

·         Courses must be related to the current job or for any potential opportunities with ABC.

·         Employees must be approved.  Employees are responsible for ensuring Human Resources and their Department Manager have approved their requests.

·         Applications must outline the anticipated costs.  Human Resources and the Department Manager approve applications.

·         Must be an accredited educational institution.

·         Reimbursement shall be made:

·         Upon proof of completion and passing grade

·         Upon proof of expenditure payments

·         Subject to annual limits (see below)

·         The lesser of either  of actual allowable expenditures, or  of the yearly maximum allowable expenditures

·         Maximum allowable expenditures are announced at the beginning of each fiscal year.

·         Human Resources shall review this policy every  years.


The selection process shall not be based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

Development programs that are provided to only to some employees must consider the following factors:

·         Degree of employee's needs for development.

·         Employee’s potential for advancement

·         Extent to which an employee's knowledge, skill, attitude or performance is likely to be improved.

·         Development opportunities previously afforded to the employee

·         Employee's own interest in and efforts to improve job performance.

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