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Sample Staff Development Policy

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SUBJECT: Staff Development

PURPOSE: To develop employees' professional abilities and improve the employees' ability to perform his/her job.

POLICY: It is the policy of Employer ABC (ABC) to provide training to develop the skills of its employees.


1.     Training

2.     Outside Training

3.     Request Procedures

4.     Approvals

1.     Training:

ABC offers training on a regular basis and on an as-needed basis.

a.     Work safety training: Provided by the Department of Occupational Health and Safety.

b.    Computer training: Provided by the Department of Information Systems.

c.     Policy, procedures and benefits training: Provided by Human Resources.

d.    Affirmative Action Plan training for supervisors: Provided by the Director of Human Resources.

e.     Special needs training: Provides information about changes to the terms and conditions of employment.

2.     Outside Training:

Employees can attend outside training when inside training is not available.

a.     Special training and professional seminars: Provided by State agencies that gives employees specialized knowledge and abilities required for job performance.

b.    Professional organization meetings: Provide specialized training and attendance at these meetings is a method of development.

c.     Continuing education classes: Provided by community colleges, universities, etc.  are available to employees.

3.     Request Procedures:

A Training Request Form (TRF) must be completed by the employee or the immediate supervisor and submitted for approval.

4.     Approvals

a.     The Department Head may approve in-house training and the Divisional Vice President may approve outside training requests.

b.    The Director of Human Resources must approve all TRFs.

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