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Sample Staff Evaluation Policy

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SUBJECT: Staff Evaluation System

PURPOSE: To establish an evaluation system for employees with an annual merit review process that will serve as a basis for merit pay increases and promotions necessary maintain an effective workforce.

POLICY: It is the policy of Employer ABC to annually review employee performance using these procedures:


1.  Responsibility

2.  Meritorious Service

3.  Staff Performance Evaluation

4.  Annual Merit Review

5.  Merit Pay Increase

6.  Bonus Pay

7.  Documentation

1.     Responsibility

The immediate supervisor and/or the department head monitors employee performance and behavior to:

·         Provide timely feedback to the employee

·         Document exceptional performance

2.     Meritorious Service

Defined as the performance of job duties consistently above the level of performance that is normally expected or required.

3.     Performance Appraisal

Staff performance evaluation is an on-going process.  The immediate supervisor should review exceptional performance with employees immediately.  The Performance Appraisal Form (PAF) is used to record exceptional performance or a critical incident.  The PAF is kept in the supervisor's file and used during the annual merit review.

4.     Annual Merit Review

Each year, an employee will receive an Annual Merit Review provided he/she has at least one year of service as of May 1st each year and is not eligible for a six-month review during the current fiscal year.

The immediate supervisor will review with the employee his/her performance over the past year.  The supervisor will review exceptional performance and accomplishments and discuss what the employee can do during the coming year to help develop his/her skills and abilities.

The Annual Merit Review Form (MRF) is used to record the results of review.  The form will remain in the department for use in future merit reviews and to satisfy audit requirements.

The Employee Evaluation Summary (EES) will be distributed to each Division Vice President.  The EES is used to report Annual Merit Reviews for each employee, and to indicate which employees are recommended for merit pay increases.

5.     Merit Pay Increase

As a result of the Annual Merit Review, the supervisor may recommend a merit pay increase.  To recommend a pay increase, the supervisor must include his/her recommendations on the EES.  Merit pay increases will be included in the budget and will become effective on the 1st of May.  The amount for staff merit pay increases will be determined each year based on the amount of available funds.

6.     Bonus Pay

Employees who have reached the maximum pay level for their current job classification can receive a bonus pay increase based on meritorious service.  The bonus pay is calculated the same way merit pay is calculated on is paid to the employee in the form of a lump sum.  Bonus pay is NOT added to employee base pay.

7.     Documentation

Employee performance should be documented when it is outside the range of normal expectations.  The Performance Appraisal Form (PAF) is used to document exceptional performance.  The PAF is kept in the supervisor's file and used as a reference during the annual merit review.  The Annual Merit Review Form (MRF) is used to record the employee’s annual merit review.  The MRF and the PAF are kept in the Department's personnel file.  The EES is used to record the annual merit review and to recommend staff merit increases.  After processing, the EES form is sent to the Human Resources Department.

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