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Sample Stores Logistics Officer Job Description

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Stores Logistics Officer


Stores Logistics Officer


Sally Doe


Pharmaceutical Main Store (PMS)


Company ABC


City ABC


June 28, 2013

Approval Signatures: 


Incumbent                           Deputy General Manager


The Stores Logistics Officer ensures the pharmaceutical main store is a smooth, effective and efficient operation with respect to sales, picking, dispatch, receiving and general inventory management. The Stores Logistic Officer must follow all PMS guidelines, policies and procedures while carrying out these responsibilities.

In order to carry out these responsibilities, the Stores Logistic Officer enters all data that pertains to the movement of medicines and sundries into the computer system. In addition, the Stores Logistic Officer queries the system to find information on a variety of issues, plans and manages day-to-day operations, supervises staff and communicates with customers.


Total ABC Staff:             52

Total Budget                  13,632,993,292

Total Revenues              13,937,536,891


The Stores Logistics Officer reports to the Head of Pharmacy Main Stores and receives written direction, some of which is through operations manuals and occasionally receives verbal instructions. Work is also assigned to the Stores Logistics Officer by the Management Team.

There are four positions reporting to this position.

  • Dispatch Officers (2): Check picked orders and performs dispatching duties.
  • Stores Supervisor (1): Assist with all inventory related activities of the store.
  • Store Assistants (9): Picks orders according to lists generated through sales orders. Helps with checking and packing processed orders. Labels boxes and loads shipments. Receives, locates and replenishes stocks.
  • Receiving Officer (1): Receives incoming items for PMS and other departments. Checks PMS items against purchase orders, supplier packing lists and invoices. Reports any discrepancies that cannot be handled by the officer.

The Stores Logistics Officer provides direction and guidance to the following positions:

  • Sales Officer: Assists new customers who do not comply with Company ABC requirements. Where stocks are limited, decides, through discussions with the procurement officer, what to offer customers. Conducts a follow up of customer complaints or queries.

There are other positions throughout Company ABC that provide direction or guidance to the Stores Logistics Officer:

  • Deputy General Manager: Helps the Stores Logistics Officer with external regulations to which Company ABC has to abide by e.g. NDA.
  • Procurement Officer:  Helps the Stores Logistics Office handle goods that do not comply with specification on purchase order and with special arrangements or arrangements that must be communicated.


Freedom to Act:

This work of this position originates from PMS and Procurement. Completed work is sent to PMS and Accounts and is reviewed and approved by the Head of PMS and the Deputy General Manager.

This position has the following procedures or manuals made available to the incumbent:

  • Procedures
    • None
  • Manuals
    • PMS Operations Manual


The position encounters frequent problems related to:

  • Pressure from customers who have queries/ requests in the absence of Head of PMS

The most difficult problems this position encounters include:

  • Machine breakdowns (Forklift) which disrupts receiving, picking, locations and dispatching of medicines
  • Follow up and correction of mistakes done at receiving, entry of data, generation of sales orders, picking and dispatch of items
  • To allocate staff and get involved in sudden jam by clients (too many orders at the same time) while there is a shortage of manpower

This position has access to a supervisor in order to resolve the above problem(s).

This position has access to other employees in order to resolve the following problem(s):

  • Deputy General Manager - Clients that do not comply with NDA or Company ABC Requirements
  • Procurement Officer - Goods In that do not comply with specifications on purchase order e.g. shorter shelf life
  • Accounts Officer - Clients with insufficient credit limits


This position has contact with the following individuals, departments and/or external contacts on the following basis:

  • Procurement Officer: to inquire as to how soon stocks will be available; special order processing, twice per week
  • Head of Finance and Accounts: to follow up on customer payments; to notify that goods are ready for dispatch; general discussion relating to credit limits for customers, twice per week
  • Head PU: to discuss availability of products when requested by clients and special order requests, three times per week


  • Oversees receiving, locating, sales order processing, picking and dispatch operations of the PMS as per KMS guidelines, policies and procedures
  • Plans daily operations and supervises respective staff:
    • Helps HOD prepare rotas for dispatch and store assistants (quarterly).
    • Ensures receiving, picking and dispatch are done according to Operational Guidelines
    • Checks that dispatch is prioritised appropriately
    • Conducts walkthroughs with concerned customers where there are delays
    • Mobilises more staff or relocates staff to areas with work overloads.
    • Responds to queries from pickers and dispatch concerning items missing or misplaced. Makes changes accordingly or advises on what is to be done
  • In conjunction with the Head of Department, coordinates all the Special Programmes activities
  • For Pull Program, helps the HOD coordinate the activities involved:
    • Ensures orders correspond with agreed specifications (price, pack size)- (SO)
    • Ensures that credit limits are not exceeded (SO)
    • Communicates any relevant information to the Diocesan Health Coordinators
    • Responds to any queries or complaints
  • For Export Orders, helps the HOD:
    • Receive orders from clients
    • Ensure client has an authorisation letter allowing them to import into the relevant country.
    • Assigns the picking and checking of orders to relevant staff.
    • Creates packing list in EXCEL according to work sheets prepared by dispatch officer
    • Prints labels for cartons and labels cartons
    • Writes up applications for export to NDA, accompanied by the relevant documents
    • Follows up with NDA about the progress of applications and communicates to clients
    • Ensures that payment has been made (in case of external transfers of funds, checks with accounts department)
    • Releases drugs when permit is ready and payment cleared
    • Supervises the process of receiving, storing, and issuing of Medical Access (3rd party) items (assisted by SO)
  • Ensures that customer communications are handled in a professional manner:
    • Communicates with the Ministry of Health regarding the implementation of guidelines and agreed methods of work and after every six months, presents the prices of items
    • Receives special requests, queries, complaints or concerns and responds where appropriate or liaises with relevant colleagues when responding
  • Ensures that inventory is managed efficiently and effectively in accordance with guidelines, policies and procedures:
    • Enters data received from RO
    • Generates a Receiving Report and forwards to Accounts for pricing and posting
    • Generates an empty list location used for locating items
    • Loads the corresponding location into computer
    • Sends a record for filing
    • Runs a replenishment list from the system for the stores assistants in order to locate items from the bulk store to the picking area
    • Traces and searches for mistakes/discrepancies in stock quantity, expiry dates and misplacements, as reported by HOD, pickers, sales and dispatch staff
    • Corrects mistakes in conjunction with concerned staff
    • Remove any expired, damaged, medicines or sundries from stock
  • Ensures all other PMS requirements are met in accordance with guidelines, policies and procedures:
    • Makes requests for tools and equipment, ensuring constant availability
    • Helps the HOD generate Charts for monitoring temperature and humidity and fixes in specific locations


This position requires the incumbent to walk for approximately 4 hours each day.

Mental stress is caused by the need to meet tight deadlines and therefore work overtime for 3-4 days at the end of each month.


Internal promotion scale

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