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Sample Supplementary Salary Leave Plan Policy

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Supplementary Salary Leave Plan


To allow employees to purchase time off to supplement their holiday, vacation and compensatory time.

To provide guidelines for the administration of Supplementary Salary Leave Plan time off.


It shall be the policy of Employer ABC to provide permanent employees with the option to purchase hours with advance approval by the employee's department manager.  The SSLP program allows employees to supplement other paid leave balances.  SSLP time may be used prior to exhausting other leave balances.  Departmental policy may be more restrictive than this policy and thus takes precedent over this policy.

The minimum amount of time off available under this plan is  hours and the maximum is hours per calendar year.  The maximum for Permanent Part-time employees shall be their previous year’s annual FTE.  For example a 50% employee's maximum shall be  hours.

Scheduling and canceling SSLP time shall be in accordance with each department's policies.

SSLP hours cannot be used to extend a termination date.

Employees on probation or the Employee Attendance Program may not participate in the program.

Unused SSLP hours at the end of the calendar year shall be administered as follows:

·         Employees who renew their enrollment can carry over unused hours (total maximum balance not to exceed .

·         Employees who do not renew their enrollment can have their unused paid time off in January.

For terminating employees, all remaining hours in the SSLP bank shall be paid on the final paycheck.


Each year there is open enrollment for the calendar year.

Employees shall choose their savings plan in the form of payroll deduction per paycheck.

SSLP savings plan payments shall be payroll deductions, not earnings reduction.

Use of SSLP hours off shall be recorded on timecards with "XX".

When employees use SSLP time, the value of the SSLP time will be paid to employee through regular paychecks from their SSLP bank.  If the value of the hours taken off exceeds the value in the SSLP bank, only the amount in the bank will be paid.

For unpaid leaves of absence of 30 days or less, SSLP deductions will be recalculated and resume upon return to paid status.

For unpaid leaves of absence of 30 days or more, participation in the program will be terminated and any balances in the SSLP bank will be paid out through regular paychecks.

If an employee receives a salary increase, SSLP deductions will be adjusted to ensure full payment according to employee's choice at time of enrollment.

Employees may cancel participation in the program by notifying Payroll in writing.  Account balance will be paid out through regular paychecks.

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