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Sample Terminating Employees Policy

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Terminating Employees

Voluntary Terminations

Employees leave their jobs on their own initiative – resignation and retirement.


Employees who resign are expected to provide written notification to their supervisor at least   prior to the resignation date.


An employee who retires is considered to have voluntarily terminated employment and should provide written notification to their supervisor at least  weeks prior to the resignation date.

Leave of Absence

Please refer to the “Leaves of Absence Without Pay” policy.

Involuntary Terminations

A separation of employment initiated by ABC that may result from layoff or discharge.


Please refer to the policy Layoffs.


Discharge is a termination for reasons that include but are not limited to poor work performance, absenteeism, tardiness, insubordination, illegal activities or other violations of ABC policy.  Discharge requires consultation with HR prior to taking action.  If consultation is not possible, the employee can be placed on a temporary suspension without pay by the supervisor until HR is consulted.  All discharges must be fully documented and the employee’s last day of work will also be the last day paid.  HR must be consulted before making any exceptions to this procedure.


A Staff Changes Form (SCF) must be processed upon termination. The following information must accompany the SCF:

·         Written resignation if applicable.

·         For discharged staff, prior warning letters and final discharge letter.

·         Date last worked.

·         Forwarding address.

·         Accumulated vacation time.

Terminated employees must work for  in order to be eligible for an accrued vacation payout.

Exit Procedure

The exit procedure must include a checklist of items that should be collected and/or destroyed. This procedure applies to all employees.  A copy of the completed checklist must be retained in the personnel file.  This process ensures that terminations are processed correctly and efficiently.

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