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Sample Termination Letter

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February 12, 2016



Jane Doe

ABC Street

Anytown, State ABC



Dear Jane:


This letter will confirm that a decision has been made regarding your employment with Company ABC.  Effective today you will no longer be employed by Company ABC.  Company ABC will provide you with severance pay in lieu of notice equal to twelve (12) months. 


All property of Company ABC in your possession shall be returned to Security Services. 


Once you have determined how you wish to have your severance payment disbursed, please contact John Doe at 555-555-5555 and he will make the necessary arrangements to finalize the payment.


In order to implement the terms of this letter your signature is required below and the attached Release must completed and signed.



Yours truly,




Susan Doe

Vice President, Employee Services




___________________________                               _____________

Jane Doe                                                                                  Date

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