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Sample Time And Attendance Records Policy

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Time and Attendance Records


Attendance and punctuality are important to the operation of Employer ABC.  The efficiency of a department is impaired if individuals do not adhere to designated starting times.


Each supervisor shall maintain accurate records of all hours worked daily and weekly by each employee for a minimum of  years.  Accurate record keeping is particularly important for who work at home. In no case shall employees work at home without prior approval of the supervisor.

ABC is fully responsible for maintaining accurate reports.  Methods of recording hours that are less precise than described here is unacceptable.

Human Resources makes recommendations regarding the appropriate record keeping methods, instructions and forms.

Supervisors are responsible for scheduling and controlling the working hours of their staff.

Falsification attendance and leave records may be cause for dismissal.

Employees are required to be present at work for the total number of hours for which they are paid unless absence is authorized.

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