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Sample Transfers Policy

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Policy Rationale

Internal transfers encourage employees to advance their careers by obtaining opportunities within ABC.

Supervisors/Managers should promote a culture that supports internal career transfer.  Supervisors and managers should encourage employees to pursue vacancies that help their career development.


There is no  for an employee to transfer.  Employees who wish to transfer before completing  months  must discuss the decision with HR.


Positions are posted at Location ABC.  Except as noted above, employees have the option to discuss opportunities in confidence with HR.

For each position, the employee must submit the correspondence required by the ad.

Time Away For Interviews

Reasonable time off is allowed for interviews and for meetings to discuss career opportunities with HR.

Requests for time off are approved on an individual basis by the immediate supervisor.  Time of for interviews is coded on the work record as time worked.  If employees do not want to request time off for interviews, they can request personal leave, vacation time or take a leave without pay.

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