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Sample Tuition Assistance Policy

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Tuition Assistance

Policy Rationale

The Tuition Assistance Program gives employees the option to undertake courses that maintain or improve current career skills at approved educational institutions.

Program Scope

Courses  college level. Programs offered by University ABC, Community College ABC and approved and accredited distance-learning schools are appropriate training sources.


After  year of regular full-time service or  years of part-time service, employees are eligible to apply for tuition assistance reimbursement for up to  credit hours (or equivalent) per semester and  credit hours per year.

Degree Candidates

Employees enrolled in an approved degree program may receive Tuition Assistance for courses that help them fulfill their degree requirements even if these courses are not directly job-related.


An employee must obtain a Tuition Assistance Form from Human Resources. The employee then acquires approval from the supervisor, department head and Human Resources prior to the beginning of the course. Requests for exceptions should be directed to Human Resources at the earliest possible date.


Employer ABC will reimburse a percentage of tuition expenses at a fixed rate per credit hour or equivalent upon receipt of an official grade transcript and tuition receipt. Expenses for fees, books, and other costs are not covered under the terms and conditions of this policy.

Fund Limitations

Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications may be denied due to lack of funds. In these cases, applications will be approved if and when funding becomes available.

Department funds are not involved unless central funds are exhausted and a department chooses to support the employee's participation in the Tuition Assistance Program by using its own funds. In such cases, reimbursement must follow the guidelines outlined in this policy.

Time Away From Work

An employee taking courses under this program will be given time away from work only when courses are not available during evenings, weekends, or times other than scheduled working hours.

There is no requirement to make up time spent in class or in travel to and from the class if classes occur during regular working hours. Employees who attend courses occurring at times outside regular working hours do not receive compensatory time off.

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