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Sample Unemployment Insurance Policy

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Unemployment Insurance

Policy Rationale

To provide eligible claimants with entitled benefits while controlling costs by contesting ineligible claims.


Employees who terminate employment may be entitled to receive Unemployment Insurance if they:

·         Are unemployed through no fault of their own (i.e. not terminated for just cause).

·         Are available for work.

·         Have worked  of insured employment in the fifty-two weeks prior to termination.

Eligibility and entitlement to benefits is determined by the appropriate State ABC department.


The appropriate State ABC department will require ABC to submit a statement listing all the factors surrounding the employee's termination.  Human Resources will provide this information within       calendar days of receipt of the request from the appropriate State ABC department.

Certificate of Employment

Terminating employees must make arrangement to pick up a Record of Employment at their department, Human Resources or Payroll.

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