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Sample Unique Hiring Situations Policy

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Unique Hiring Situations


ABC will not hire individuals under the age of  (minor).  Minors can be hired into  positions .  In order to hire a minor, the position or job he/she performs must comply with the legal limitations on the employment of minors.  In addition, the supervisor must complete a Staff Changes Form and submit it to HR review and approval.

Individuals Over

Employees may work beyond age  with the approval of the supervisor.  The employee must submit a formal request to extend his/her employment beyond age  at least  month prior to his/her th birthday.

If approved, the employee must meet with Benefits to discuss the impact on their pension and other benefits.  Only after this meeting can the employee’s request for extended employment be approved.  The employee and Benefits Consultant will both sign the Staff Changes Form to confirm that the meeting took place.

Foreign Visitors

Valid enter citizenship/workingvisa requirement here status is required for foreign to be employed.  Foreign visitors must produce valid ID and employment eligibility at least  month before the first day of employment.

Individuals With Criminal Convictions

Consistent with enter applicable human rights/employment rights law statute here, employment applications from individuals with previous criminal conviction(s) will not be denied unless:

·         There is a direct relationship between the convictions and the position.

·         The individual would cause a possible risk to property or the safety or welfare of any individual(s).


Candidates will not be considered for positions where the supervisor would be a relative.

Individuals With AIDS

Employees or potential candidates with HIV/AIDS can work, transfer or pursue employment at ABC.

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