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Sample Vacancies Policy

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All vacancies are posted for a minimum of  working days before . In special circumstances this requirement can be waived.

The hiring department works with HR to initiate the process. HR will meet with the supervisor to discuss recruitment strategies, screening criteria, and interviewing procedures.

HR must ensure that the external candidates have completed an employment application. New employees will not be processed unless a copy of the employment application is attached to the Staff Changes Form.

Internal Mobility

Employer ABC wants to ensure internal employees have the opportunity to move within the organization.  HR will balance the merits of internal mobility, equal employment opportunity, and affirmative action through its strategy to fill each vacant position.

Limiting promotional opportunities only to department employees may conflict with equal employment opportunity initiatives and affirmative action.  Therefore, equal access to internal mobility allows for movement opportunities within all of ABC as well as within the department.  This ensures that all potential internal candidates have the opportunity to be selected for any position.  Supervisors will consider all qualified internal applicants for vacancies within their department before recruiting outside candidates.


Depending on the position, a local, regional or national search may be required.  The affirmative action representative and HR can advise the supervisor on an appropriate recruitment advertising strategy.

The hiring department and HR will jointly coordinate advertising placements, billing and tracking.  HR must approve all ads.

Approval of The Selected Candidate

Approvals from the supervisor and HR are required before a salary offer is made in order to ensure that:

·         The salary falls within the appropriate pay grade.

·         The internal equity within the department and ABC as a whole is maintained.

These approvals must be confirmed on the Staff Changes Form.  Any exceptions to this policy must be supported and approved by HR.

The hiring supervisor will correspond with the affirmative action representative during the search.  The affirmative action representative’s approval signature on the Staff Changes Form will indicate that the department attempted to recruit in accordance with ABC's affirmative action goals.  The affirmative action representative’s approval signature must be obtained before making an offer.

Notifying Candidates

HR will communicate the decision in writing to all candidates who applied for the position.

Retention of records

HR retains all records of the selection process.

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