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Sample Workers Compensation Policy

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Worker's Compensation

Policy Rationale

To provide benefits to employees for workplace or work-related illness or injury.


All employees are eligible for Workers' Compensation benefits from the first day of employment.

Benefit Details

Employees who are away from work because of job-related illness or injury will continue to earn their regular salary during the first  of disability.  There is a waiting period of  working days.  The employee will receive full pay that will be charged against the employee accrued sick leave bank. If the disability exceeds  working days, sick leave will be topped up to the pre-disability level.

Option if your organization has temporary employees or if you want to treat “temps” differently:

Temporary employees will receive no pay for the first  working days and then may receive  of their average weekly salary. If the disability exceeds  working days, employees will receive disability pay for the  working days.

Employees absent due to a workplace or work-related illness or injury for more than  may receive a benefit  of their average  for the duration of the disability.

In no event shall compensation exceed the salary the employee received at date of illness or injury.

Reporting Accidents

All injuries must be reported within  hours of the time of the injury or illness, on the Employer ABC Accident Report.  Employees are required to consult a physician within this time frame whenever possible and should inform the doctor that the injury is work-related for the purposes of billing.

Return to Work

Employees who return to work after an absence will be required to submit a physician's statement detailing their fitness for their return to work.  Employer ABC reserves the right to have employees submit to a medical examination by a physician designated by ABC at no expense to the employee.

Other Benefits

Employees who are absent from work due to a work-related injury or illness for more than  will have their Group Life Insurance (including Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage) paid by ABC for the duration of the disability.  However, employees are required to pay the full premium cost for continued health insurance coverage should they choose to continue their coverage during the first twelve months of disability. After twelve months, employees can apply for a premium waiver for health insurance premiums.

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