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Sample Workplace Violence Policy

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Workplace Violence


To address violent workplace conduct.


A violent act or threat is not acceptable in the workplace.

All employees must notify a supervisor immediately of any violent act or threat against themselves or any other employee that occurs in the workplace or that is directly associated with their employment.  Retaliation or the threat of retaliation against a person who reports an incident will not be tolerated.

ABC employees shall not possess the following in the workplace:

·         Firearms

·         Explosives/Ammunition

·         Fixed blade knives

·         Folding knives with blades over three and one-half inches

·         Illegal weapons such as defined in Section 00000 of the State ABC Penal Code

Supervisors and employees shall cooperate in any administrative or criminal investigation into a violent act or a threat of a violent act occurring in the workplace.

Supervisors shall take appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination, against any employee who violates this policy.  An employee accused of violating this policy is entitled to all the applicable employment rights, privileges, and protections.


A Violent Act is physical behavior or force exerted for the apparent purpose of violating, damaging, or abusing others or damaging property.

A Threat is a verbal expression or physical action that conveys intent to commit a violent act.

The Incident Team is a team of representatives from Human Resources, Risk Management, the Police and the affected department.  Their responsibility is to address a violent act or the threat of a violent act brought to their attention by a Department Manager.

Workplace is any location where there is an on-duty ABC employee.


Imminent or Actual Violent Act

·         Employee Responsibilities

·         An employee who is in immediate danger of a violent act or who has just been victimized by a violent act, or another employee who witnesses a violent act or the threat of a violent act shall, whenever possible:

·         Place themselves in a safe location.

·         Call 911.

·         Refer media inquiries to the Department Manager or the Communications.

·         Cooperate fully in any administrative or criminal investigation.

·         Supervisor/Manager Responsibilities

·         A supervisor/manager shall ensure the immediate safety of the employee, call 911 and notify the Department Manager and the Director of Human Resources.

·         The Department Manager shall determine whether or not the Incident Team is notified.

·         If appropriate, the supervisor/manager shall have the involved individuals wait in separate rooms or locations until the police arrive.

·         If involved, the Incident Team may make recommendations or take such action as they deem appropriate.

·         Refer media inquiries to Communications.

Future Violence

·         Employees who believe they or another employee may be victimized by a violent act in the future at the workplace or as a result of their employment shall notify their supervisor immediately.  The supervisor shall inform the Department Manager.

Incident Team Responsibilities

·         Determine the immediate response needs and provide direction to the department.

·         Determine what continuing support systems are needed and oversee post-incident activities.

·         Conduct a post-incident review and use the review to evaluate this policy and procedure.

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