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Sample Work Records Policy

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Work Records


All employees are required to submit their time worked on an approved work record. The work record is a two-week pay period record of all the hours worked and not worked for which employees are paid. Paychecks are calculated based on employee work records.


The work record is a legal document that must record all hours worked, sick leave, vacation pay, and leave with pay and the exact hours actually worked each day must be recorded.


Work records must be submitted to Payroll by enter time of day enter day of week following the end of a pay period. Employer ABC is legally obligated to keep work records for .  Work records will not be processed without a signatures from the appropriate department supervisor or designate.


Both the employee and his/her supervisor must sign the work record.  Signatures attest to the accuracy of the work record.  Knowingly signing an inaccurate work record is a violation of ABC policy and may subject the employee and/or supervisor to disciplinary/legal action (up to and including discharge).

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