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Sample Work Schedules Policy

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SUBJECT: Work Schedules

PURPOSE: To provide a standard policy for employees for work schedules at Employer ABC.

POLICY: It is the policy of Employer ABC to pay its employees to perform a total job.  Each full-time job shall be structured to fit a forty (40) hour workweek.  It may be necessary to occasionally alter the normal work schedule.  Therefore, Employer ABC will establish individual work schedules at the departmental level under the following guidelines.  Work schedules shall be established to serve business needs of the Employer.


1.  Office Hours

2.  Workweek

3.  Lunch Breaks

4.  Coffee Breaks

5.  Flex-Time

6.  Attendance Records

7.  Other Work Arrangements


All offices shall remain open from 8:00 a.m.  until 5:00 p.m.  Monday through Friday, except for designated holidays.  Offices may be open beyond the normal schedule as required by individual departmental needs.

Offices shall remain open during the noon hours each working day with a receptionist on duty to accept calls, receive visitors, or transact business.  The Divisional Vice President may make exceptions to not stay open during the noon hours.


The standard workweek is forty (40) hours and the official workweek is Sunday 12:01 a.m.  through Saturday 12:00 midnight.  The Department Head may make exceptions to the beginning and ending times of the official workweek.


Lunch breaks are not paid and may vary by department.  Department supervisors will determine time and length of lunch breaks.


Coffee breaks are paid time and may be granted only when the work allows.  Coffee breaks are a privilege not required by state or federal regulation.  The length, time, and place of these breaks will be at the discretion of the supervisor.

5.     FLEX-TIME

The Department Head may use flex-time scheduling to permit personalized employee work schedules, to make employee development opportunities available, to accomplish special projects, to handle peak work periods and to accommodate circumstances that are in the best interest of the department and employee.  The hours, lunch time or number of hours worked may vary for individual employees as long as all the following conditions exist:

a.     The schedule does not interfere with the performance of the individual or the department.

b.    The employee accounts for the total number of hours in their schedule each week.


An attendance record must be maintained for each employee at the departmental level.  This record will provide information needed to prepare semi-monthly time and leave reports for the Payroll Department and a Leave Report must be completed and submitted to Payroll each pay period.


a.     Arrangements that allow employees to do company work at home or an alternate location must be:

(1)   Applied to all employees consistently,

(2)   Have all work strictly accounted for, and

(3)   Receive the prior approval of the Department Head, Director of Human Resources, and Divisional Vice President.

b.    Other Work Arrangements are usually temporary work arrangements for situations where it is not practical to conduct business at the regular place of business.

c.     Other Work Arrangements should be approved only when another employee at ABC’s regular place of business cannot perform work.  However, Other Work Arrangements are also based upon business necessity.

d.    Other Work Arrangements do not apply to employees on flex-time.

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